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At home with the Kirchlers:
my hosts

The Ahrner Wirt - restaurant since 1948 accommodation from 2018 onwards.

A retreat in the mountains. A family business in its 3rd generation, managed by the Kirchler family, Daniela, Viktor and their daughters Isabel and Vivien.

Host Family

Viktor ...
Level-headed and quiet personality. Creative and passionate chef. Son of the family. Proud dad of Isabel and Vivien. Interested in travelling and open to new ideas.

Daniela ...
Sincere, helpful and balanced personality. Qualified beautician. Mostly found at the reception and administration. Always an open ear for the guests. Proud mum of Isabel and Vivien.

Isabel ...
Little sunshine, who does not only twist Mum and Dad around her little finger ...

Vivien ...
Small whirlwind and newest member of the family – loves to fool around the house with her big sister.

Then  ...
  • 1947/48: “Wirt an der Ahr” || Building with brookstones on the Weißnbachlfeld, called “Stieranger”
  • 1948: Opening of the restaurant
  • 1966: Conversion and expansion of the house to 40 beds. Extension of the feeding house for three cows and two pigs.
  • 1972 – 1994: Several alterations of the restaurant: bar, dining-room, reception, top floor with roof, hotel entrance, hall, hotel rooms, extension
  • 1985: Flooding of the business - in the meantime, the stream bed has been secured
  • 1987: Development of the hotel 
  • 2005: Conversion and expansion
    ... and now ...
    • 2018: Conversion of the hotel with rooms in accommodation facilities with new apartments
The hosts recount ...
„With the conversion to accommodation facilities, we are looking to offer our guests an authentic and flexible holiday, just as we would like to experience our holiday. The guest has flexibility and can make spontaneous decisions and is not tied to fixed hotel times.“

Daniela & Viktor